Virtual Teaching and Learning

#OLTEC 1st weeks review

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So, the recap…. I learned that some folks are far more “scholarly” than I, how Tweeting works, and how cool it is that if I just include #OLTEC in my header, my posts will be included in an online community! Wow!  My greatest interest is with how as adults we learn. Online learning is a whole other ball of wax and I’m intrigued with how to design and support such a learning environment. I will say that I need to be far more organized with my time taking this type of class. I think that my fellow students have posed questions that have forced me to think outside my realm of understanding and have reinforced or reinvigorated my hunger for understanding how to present engaging subject matter in a distance education setting. I believe, in turn, I have supported them in their findings by sharing personal experiences that I am able to relate to and have tried to pose questions that will hopefully further dialogue and qustioning.


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