Virtual Teaching and Learning

#OLTAK Week 2 Reflection

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The one point that has really hit home this week through reading everyone else’s blogs is that support and feedback is fundamental to online learners. I have felt this way for a long time and am glad that I’m not alone. I learned about LMS’s (learning management systems), which is a pretty new world to me but it seems a lot less foreign with other people in the class sharing information and their thoughts about the benefits or shortfalls of using one versus another.

 This week I feel as if I was able to be more of a support to my fellow classmates by offering examples of my own that related to ideas or situations expressed in their blogs. One student had a much different perception of the readings this week than I did and I was able to offer up an idea I had read in another blog that, hopefully, he found useful. I think I could better facilitate the learning of others in this class if I make an effort to post remarks in a more timely manner. My days slip away so quickly that I find myself in the middle of Sunday not having responded to anyone! Ahh, if only there was just one more day…..

 I found the information and conversations this week very helpful in my understanding of important principles to remember when creating an online course.


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