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Week 3 Reflection

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Lets see… This week I gained a deep and much broader understanding of MOOC’s, learned that I was not the ONLY person who did a research project in fourth grade on the Lock Ness Monster and believed whole heartedly that it was real, and most importantly, that beliefs (nodes) can change through experience. I really appreciated Michaels post this week regarding “nodes.” It made me reflect on the beliefs I’ve held about myself in certain situations. I had expressed in my original post this week that I was over my head with all of the demands I’ve placed upon myself…I found myself sinking into old thinking patterns that maybe I had over estimated my abilities to comprehend material, be a valued class member, and good student. Luckily, I received positive feedback from Dr. Graham and was able to dial it in. I have made a concerted effort to pay very close attention to my students behavior and support clear, honest and open dialogue with them. This week yet again, reinforced how important dialogue is to learning. Through my own experience, I saw how valuable online discussion was to my own experience.

 I still have a greater opportunity to comment and post on everyone’s blogs. This week was a bust, but… I brought the Socratic discussion to the table and I feel as if understanding that philosophy of instruction will help all of us to remember to listen with open minds to one another’s ideas. I think it could also shed some light on how to develop our credit recovery support materials… listening and hearing the ideas of students and allowing conversation and collaboration of ideas and opinions can create excitement about a subject. Feeling empowered and free (safe) to do so goes a long way!!! 


One thought on “Week 3 Reflection

  1. I don’t know how to edit my blogs…so I’ll put a note in here … through my own experience, I saw how valuable online discussion was to my learning experience

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