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#oltak Week 6 Recap

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More and more I’m convinced that I need to integrate technology into my classes. The classes I teach are hands-on culinary courses and for the longest time I haven’t understood how to incorporate multimedia into that environment. Through learning how to design a distance ed. course, I have been exposed to a whole new world. This week I found an article in Online Learning Insights that gives specifics on tools for online teaching. From this blog, I found a ton of resources that walk you through, step by step on how to create videos, upload content and an array of techniques on how to build a better virtual classroom.

 A really important point for me this week was understanding what an important support piece a study guide can be. Moore and Kearsley talked about pointing out, through the study guide, important ideas and relating them to other materials or parts of the course (p.105). I have spent a great deal of time beating my head against the wall when I see that some students just don’t “get it” when it comes to certain principals that in my opinion, should be transferable from one day to the next. I have only ever had a syllabus, but now I can truly see the benefit of a study guide. I think by lecturing and giving demonstrations on Blackboard or Moodle, and having that available for the student to watch as well as a study guide tying in those important points, they will have a much greater opportunity to absorb the millions of ideas I’m throwing at them. I know this may sound remedial to some that are well-versed in online instruction, but to me it’s an awakening! What’s even more exciting is I think I can turn this project into my graduate project!!

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One thought on “#oltak Week 6 Recap

  1. This will be a GREAT grad thesis project! Culinary Arts needs something modern and intriguing like innovative new media. Would you rather read an annotated cookbook then try to create a masterpiece from scratch, juggle your kitchen job duties while watching over someone else’s shoulder trying to learn something new… or watch a step-by-step video tutorial that lets you learn and do at your own pace in your own kitchen?? I’ll take Door #3 any day. You will do good!

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