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#oltak Week 7 Recap

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My big takeaways for the week? Boy are teachers important and boy do distance educators have their work cut out for them. This was an easy week to discuss and give feedback to peoples blogs. All of us are pretty much on the same page. Dan commented that a distance learning teacher had to stay calm through calamity, Aleta pointed out that the instructor will have a lot to juggle with students in different stages of the credit recovery program, Jon addressed how the need for understanding technology could present a barrier…I talked about the importance of learning to engage students on an individual basis. This weeks readings were substantially important to understand the support piece of course development.

I read today that one way to not just bring some technology to the table but to promote understanding for both the student and instructor is tape a video of the explanation of the syllabus or a project (Morrison). Actually seeing and hearing someone go over the criteria alleviates confusion and questions! I love this idea! I took an (several actually) online nutrition course where the instructors voice would greet us each week and go over what we would be covering that day and then prompt us in the next step. She also had us do readings and watch videos but honestly, hearing her voice made me feel connected to her even though I never saw her face. To this day, it is one of the best distance courses I’ve ever participated in (this one is on that list too!) .

This week I feel as if I facilitated my fellow students learning by letting them know about CAFE, holding meetings for our group, giving timely feedback on blogs, and by posting a link that talks about a way to “put a skirt and some lipstick” into our course design!!! (N. Fuerst, personal communication, February 26, 2014) Ha!

Morrison, D. (2014, February 28). Online Insights: Best Methods and Tools for Online Educators to Give Students Helpful and Meaningful Feedback. [Web log comment]. Retrieved from


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