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#oltak Week 9 recap

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Well, I must admit I’m ready to give my brain a tiny little break from thinking up intelligent insights to reflect on what I’ve read this week…to be honest, I never even thought about distance learning in other countries. I’m not surprised that many other educational systems suffer the same issues we here in the U.S. face as well. The open University though is a great resource, and cheap in comparison! Many lessons can be learned from other countries systems. Brazil is just amazing! Again, the common theme for success in distance education is student engagement and supplying education that will bring benefit to students “real” lives.
Our reading this week helped me put into better perspective again, how vast Alaska is and the importance of student learning in remote communities. By understanding how distance education is used to reach out to rural areas in other countries helps me remember who we are trying to reach here. I get caught up in living in the city and in my minds eye I see my students, not Tammy’s or Jeff’s or Aleta’s or Nicole’s, who aren’t smack dab in the middle of Anchor town! But, when thinking of course design for distance ed., I have to see their kids.
I highlighted some important points from our text this week that got my brains wheels turning and I hope that pointing out those different elements of distance education abroad helped inspire some new thought processes in my fellow classmates heads!
Our group met this weekend and I feel like we are gaining a greater sense of cohesiveness and comfort with one another. While I still feel out of my element on a lot of what we are trying to accomplish, I’m beginning to wrap my head around putting one foot in front of the other to keep the momentum going, even when it terrifies me that I may fail. I hope that those of you starting your spring break have a lovely time off!


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