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#oltak week 10 reflection


Ok, short and sweet this week! I’m amazed at how much more savvy people born just ten years apart from me are in the whole scope of technology…if ever I have been humbled, it is this semester. My brain has been on the brink of explosion for months now but like exercise, it hurts in a good way. I am learning to think in a whole new parameter and being faced with the struggle of not understanding but having to perform. This is what I’ve been longing for throughout this graduate degree but now that it’s being handed to me I find myself trapped somewhere between great fear of failure and elation on knowledge and accomplishment. Technologically, I am being faced with the same emotional challenges my own students are in the kitchen with culinary skills….jeeze, turn around is fair play hu?

 Many of my fellow classmates speak a language I don’t understand. They are faced with far more rigorous tasks of developing and testing to standards I’ve never faced. I am autonomous within my classroom….the classic French way to prepare a stock or sauce is just that, I am not concerned with AKLN or ASD…just that I meet the criteria of the standards our course promises to up and coming hospitality/hotel restaurant managers. Don’t get me wrong, there is a great amount of rigor involved with this skillset, it has just never really involved technology beyond finding recipes, building them and costing…what we are doing in this class to engage our students learning is a whole different mindset for me personally. The text we offer has an online interactive workshop for instructors and students, that before I never gave a second thought to…but now, I plan on investigating and utilizing that tool to help integrate more of a blended classroom environment for my students.

 All of us bring so much to the table each week with our postings. Some are not posting at all any more and I regret the weeks that I was late. I feel as if through sheer perseverance and the diversity of our posts we are all gaining great insight from one another and I am doing my best to contribute. Our group project has felt hit and miss over the last couple of weeks. I finally uploaded all of the rubrics and have yet to make the language uniform but I think for the most part it looks good. I’m looking forward to the review process and hope that we all can breath in a second wind for this final stretch!!!! I’m personally trying hard not to look TOO forward to the summer break! 😉


2 thoughts on “#oltak week 10 reflection

  1. I can see how the “Jump” you are describing would be tough from the skillet to the online frying pan! But you have articulated some key skillsets that you are living and witnessing in your fellow classmates AND in your students – namely the persistence, resiliency, and willingness to challenge yourself (within reason) to learn new ways of doing things.
    Your example will pay big dividends for yourself and your students. I appreciate how much you have taken home a strong component of this class, which is to consider deeply the mind and affective sets of your students, match tasks with online opportunities to instruct, and build a safe and challenging place for them to grow.
    As you have some nicely shared is your own experience… with a large twist of persistence thrown in the mix.

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